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Hembree Family Tree (Genealogy Site)
Family Member History Page

     This page will take a little longer to fill. I'll have to come up with photos and information on the indiviuals that I put on this page.

I'll add a page like this one to describe each family member I've researched. I'll create links to these individual pages from my "Family Members List Page."

Here's the type of information about each person I might include:

Date and place of birth
Date and place of death
Marriage date and place
Maiden name
Names of children
Names of parents
Marital status
Name of spouse
Immigration information
U.S. military service record
Places the person lived
Where the person "fits" in our family tree

I'll include sources for the information wherever possible.

Here I'll include a picture of this family member, if I have one available.

Memories and Stories

I'll use this area to describe any personal memories I have about this person, or any family stories about the person I might have heard.

If this family member has a web page or e-mail address of their own, I might include the address here.